Beak and Feet

Catch, Rip and Tear

Meat Cleaver

The beak of a White-tailed Eagle is almost as long as its head and is an extremely powerful feeding tool. Immature birds have dark bills, which gradually gain the yellow colour of adulthood with age. An adult bird’s beak is pale at the base, becoming increasingly yellow towards the pronounced hook at its tip. This hook is used to pull, rip and tear the flesh of the birds, fish and other animals that White-tailed Eagles predate.

Over-sized Talons

Birds of prey, like White-tailed Eagles, have strong legs and feet, equipped with long, sharp talons for grabbing and clutching their prey and for preventing its escape. White-tailed Eagles have oversized claws on their talons, an adaptation that may have evolved when Velociraptors and other dinosaurs roamed the skies.

Eagles and hawks have two giant talons on their first and second toes. These give them a secure grip on struggling prey, which eventually succumb to massive blood loss or organ failure, incurred during dismemberment.