The Creel

The-Creel-SeafoodThe Creel is a seafood bar located by the ferry terminal at Fioonphort, right at the west of the Ross of Mull.  The Creel serves fresh seafood, most of which is caught by the owner, (Alex Cameron's husband Andrew) or brought in by local divers and suppliers.  

 You don't get seafood much fresher than this, as its landed on the other side of the pier from the seafood bar.  Teas and coffees are also served along with other drinks.  The seafood Bar has a very nice decking area to sit and eat your 'catch' and look over the sea to Iona.  'Get a real taste of Mull and Iona'

T:01681700312 daytime summer or 01681700541 M 07743924570 or 07709958400 evening email


The Creel seafood bar decking


The Creel seafood bar platter