14 Things to do and attractions

Things to do and attractions

on the Isle of Mull are numerous and can’t all be listed below.   Walkinggolfcyclingboat tripshistoric and cultural, scenery, Mull has it all.

The main attraction though is Mull wildlife.  This aspect is ‘World class’ and has become well known through Springwatch and our own wildlife photographer from Tobermory, Gordon Buchannan.

For children, Balamory still has an attraction.

beaches and things to do

Things to do Beaches

The Isle of Mull has some of the most fabulous beaches in the UK. And the best thing about them? You can probably have them all to yourselves, just don't expect sun-loungers and ice-cream vans! READ MORE

Mull Cycling things to do

Things to do Cycling

Cycling The Isle of Mull is a large island and is an excellent place to cycle for all ages. Mountain biking or road cycling with spectacular views READ MORE

Ulva geology

Things to do Geology

Geologists love Mull because it has such a long and interesting history (the oldest rocks on Iona are about 2000 million years old), and it has unique structures and rocks found nowhere else in the world (such as the Loch Ba Ring Dyke and felsite). READ MORE



Geocaching is one of the best-known, and engaged-in, treasure-hunting outdoor activities, and currently the fastest-growing leisure pursuit in the UK. Basically you use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device or a smartphone with GPS to locate a ‘geocache’, usually shortened to ‘cache’  READ MORE


Tobermory Golf Course

Things to do Golf

Golf Courses with iconic views! READ MORE

Glengorm Wildlife Project

Glengorm Wildlife Project

The Glengorm Visitor Centre is open year-round to entertain and educate all ages. Come and learn about Glengorm's wildlife and history, recent wildlife sightings, join one of our guided walks, visit our gift shop or try one of our daily crafts. READ MORE

historical things to do

Historical Attractions

Mull and its islands have been continually inhabited since they became environments able to support man after the Ice Age. C. 6500 - 3500 BC. Mesolithic hunter-gatherers lived in caves such as Livingston's cave on Ulva. READ MORE

Mull Aquarium

Mull Aquarium

The Mull Aquarium is Tobermory’s newest visitor attraction. Come and see our huge salt water tank, touch pools, quizzes, interactive games and the cinema room! Learn about the local history, coastguard, RNLI, fishing, fish-farming, navigation, local wrecks, safety at sea and much, much more! We’re open all year round! READ MORE

swimming pool attractions

Mull Swimming Pool

The brand new Isle of Mull Swimming Pool was opened in 2008 and represents over a quarter of a century of persistent fund raising by the Community of Mull and Iona. READ MORE

Mull Willow workshop 2020

Attractions Mull Willow

Hands-on workshops on a beautiful croft with home-made food and a stunning sea view! Discover traditional crofting skills using willow grown on our croft. Studio shop. READ MORE

Pony trecking

Things to do Pony Trekking

Ponies and treks to suit all ages and abilities. Full or half day rides can be arranged for the more experienced but this can be difficult during the school holidays. Booking is essential. READ MORE

Ben more scenic attractions

Scenic Attractions

The Isle of Mull is the second largest of the Hebrides, lying just off the west coast of Scotland. It is an island of peninsulas which give it a long and varied coastline offering the visitor endless days of exploration and discovery. The economy is a healthy mix of farming, fishing, and tourism giving the visitor a view of genuine island life. READ MORE

Walking attractions

Things to do Walking

The mountains which stretch across the middle of the island rise to over 900m and are well-loved by hill walkers such is the variety of routes and views to be enjoyed. There are also numerous easy walks on the Isle of Mull with stunning views and less challenging terrain. READ MORE

sea kayak

Water Sports

It's an island of course there's lots of water activites to explore whether in freshwater lochs or the sea. Boating, sailing, kayaks, paddle boards, fishing, wildlife watching, coastal exploring. READ MORE

wildlife things to do


Wildlife The Isle of Mull has earned an enviable reputation as the premier wildlife tourism destination in the UK. Thousands of birdwatchers and wildlife lovers flock to Mull every year, hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrated birds and animals. READ MORE

Some of the attractions and things to do above, like horse riding and boat trips need booking a little in advance.  To do so, either contact the websites directly, or, if you wish advice, then contact our information and booking office in Tobermory.  Other attractions are more difficult to get to and going on a guided walk or wildlife trip can be woth considering?

A small piece of advice is that the distances on Mull don’t seem too great, but because of the single track roads, it can take longer than you think?