The Isle of Mull has earned an enviable reputation as the premier wildlife tourism destination in the UK. Thousands of birdwatchers and wildlife lovers flock to Mull every year, hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrated birds and animals.   For wildlife on Iona, click here

Wildlife bird watching

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a popular hobby especially on an island that has so many birds of prey. Finding and identifying different bird species can be quite a challenge so we recommend you take a wildlife tour early on in your holiday so you can make the best of the time you have available. READ MORE

Winter Wildlife Trips and Tours

WT Eagle by G Broome


Bird watching Magazine recently referred to Mull as 'Eagle Island' and most keen birdwatchers would probably agree with this. The Isle of Mull is the best place in the UK to see White-tailed and Golden Eagles. READ MORE

Moorland birds and wildlife

Moorland & Woodland Birds

Mull has huge amounts of woodland where Warblers and Songbirds are abundant in Summer. The Crossbill is rather like a small Parrot and the male bird has bright red plumage and a parrot-like bill; these can be found in the pine forests of Mull. READ MORE



The Isle of Mull is home to the elusive Eurasian Otter ( Lutra Lutra ) which can be seen in various locations on the island. We advise you take a trip early on with a wildlife expert and then you will learn how to spot these creatures for the remainder of your holiday. READ MORE

Red Deer

Red Deer

The largest and most impressive land animal to be found on the Isle of Mull, Red Deer are numerous and widespread on the island. There are also two small herds of Fallow Deer which can be found at Knock and Lochbuie. READ MORE

puffins seabirds and ducks

Seabirds and DucksWaders

can be seen on the estuaries, particularly during the spring migration. Seabirds abound, and the Puffin is easy to see and get close to, on a visit to the Treshnish Isles or Staffa. READ MORE



Both Atlantic Grey and Common Seals can be seen in the waters around the Isle of Mull. Salen Bay is a good place to view a small colony of Common Seals and the Atlantic Grey Seals are usually seen on the boat trips to the Treshnish Isles. READ MORE


Whales, Dolphins and Basking Sharks

Whales and Dolphins can be seen regularly off the shores of Mull Basking Sharks are also around the Western Headlands at the end of the summer. READ MORE