Wild Camping

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During the summer of 2018 onward, we anticipate a lot more motorhomes and ‘campers’ due to the introduction of much cheaper fares for vehicles under 6m.  A group of us who have motorhomes and are enthusiasts are currently working on ideas for both ‘wild’ and campsite camping.  Currently, we only have three campsites with disposal points.  More detailed information to follow.

Wild Camping

The Isle of Mull welcomes wild camping in certain areas, as long as you act responsibly and leave no trace of your visit behind you. Some farmers and landowners may allow camping if you ask them and follow  guidelines, but if you are in any doubt, then find an official campsite. Please note that wild camping means short stay camping only, a maximum of 2 nights and a local bye-law forbids motor homes and caravans at Calgary, tents only are allowed.

Always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Lochbuie is a tranquil haven just awaiting discovery and Lochbuie Estate has created and maintained car-parks and walks around the area as well as a site for Wild Camping. Click here to go to the Lochbuie map where the Wild Camping site is marked.

Please note that Lochbuie House is a private residence so please observe the footpath signs, keep dogs under control and maintain the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

There is another excellent Wild Camping site at Calgary Bay which also has public conveniences close by. This area is a SSSI and is specially protected as it is made up of a special grassland known as machair so please stick to the clearly marked designated area for camping.

Fires – Please do not gather wood from nearby woodland. Use existing hearths – no fires on the machair. Use driftwood and/or bought wood available locally. Use a stove if possible
Water – Please note that tap water or burn water is not fit for drinking.
Human waste – If public toilets aren’t available, carry a trowel and bury your own waste and urinate well away from open water, rivers and burns.
Rubbish – Please clear up after your stay. Where possible, take rubbish away and consider taking other people’s rubbish too.
Noise – Please respect and consider others. Keep noise down, especially after 10.00pm.
Dogs – Please remember to keep your dog under control.