Mull has a new way to talk about location


Explore Scotland and this website have sponsered a new app to help both visitors and residents alike, find locations.  The App is based around the develoment of what3words (w3w) and it is our intention to make Mull the first what3word island in the UK.

Most properties on the island know the w3w address and will quote the three words when sumoning a doctor quickly.  To view the app that locates properties, Click here to open the app

Anyway, below is a link to a film that Landrover and w3w produced during Spring 2018.

View the latest video

Many homes on Mull don’t have an address, and can’t be found on a traditional map. This can make home healthcare visits difficult, and means emergency services struggle to find people in an emergency.

3 word addresses are the solution. Now anywhere on Mull can be found using just three words.

Download the free what3words app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or if you’re on a computer, go to map.what3words.com

Read more about what3words and find out how to use a 3 word address here.