Sheila’s Cottage Ulva

This is a faithful reconstruction of a traditional thatched croft house which was last lived in early this century by Sheila MacFadyen.There is a display depicting the fascinating history of Ulva from Mesolithic Man to the present day.
Learn about the famous visitors to Ulva - including Dr David Livingston's grandparents, Gen. Lachan Macquarie, 'The Founder of Modern Australia', Dr Johnson and James Boswell, Sir Walter Scott and Beatrix Potter.  Also on display is the 'Ulva Plaid Brooch' recently found in a cave on the island and declared 'treasure trove' by the authorities.

Here you can learn about the famous visitors to Ulva, Boswell and Dr Johnson, Lachlan Macquarie and Sir Walter Scott. Beatrix Potter was a regular visitor to the island and found inspiration for many of her books here. The grandparents of the famous explorer and missionary David Livingstone once lived on Ulva and the walk up to Livingstone's croft is a must. This is the ruin of the croft house which once belonged to the grandfather of the explorer David Livingstone.

Sheilas cottage

Inside Sheila's cottage

Sheilas Cottage Ulva