COVID-19 information update

This website is a privately run by myself, and therefore I am not part of any other organisation and able to offer advice on behalf of the community.  I am therefore going to quote from, and reference to, other organisations.

We are now into the season, but not all places are open .  To read about the current situation on Mull, click this link to go through to a website set up specifically for Mull’s position.  The list of openings has been put together by our Tourist Office

This early opening is an absolutely ideal time to see Mull in ‘quiet mode’ however, there are issues with ferries and their bookings.  To keep updated, please click here to go through to the Calmac information page.

My own comment is that coming to Mull is the ideal place to visit and keep whatever isolation you feel is appropriate.  It will be a while before any of us feel it safe to travel away from the UK.  If you wish to avoid the main ferry, then come over Lochaline way and stay in your car for the crossing.  One of our main ferries is now also talking about being able to stay in your vehicle.  Please enquire when booking.

Campsites are perhaps worth a mention as opposed to self catering and serviced accommodation.  Clearly, shared facilities will be a problem for some time to come.  Have a look at Tobermory Campsites website for an example of their restrictions. Tobermory Campsite website

At the moment it is uncertain how many attractions and venues will be open as the ‘new normal’, however, the wildlife is certainly not in lockdown and the roads are a pleasure to drive along now.  The scenery is still all there, as are the ‘locals’.  On that final note, please be careful to keep up the guidelines, we have had no Covid 19 on the island and some local people are quite rightly very cortius.

We look forward to seeing you all again.