Safety Recommendations

For walks around Tobermory please click here

Carry a rucksack with waterproof jacket and trousers, spare warm clothing, food, water, torch, whistle, compass and map.

Wear appropriate strong footwear with an ankle support.

Check the weather forecast and turn back if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to turn back if you are tiring, the weather is getting worse, or you are not confident of your skills or equipment.

Be aware of the hours of darkness in the Winter and make an early start to your walk if necessary. It gets dark by 4pm during the months of November, December and January.

Be aware of the deer shooting season.

Let someone know where you are going, your route and expected time of return.

Be aware that there is no Mountain Rescue service on the Isle of Mull and cell phone service is poor.

Important Safety Advice for higher level walks

Good navigation skills are essential and in addition to the standard equipment for the low level walks, you should also carry the following:-

A survival bag which is a heavy-duty bag for body insulation in an emergency available to purchase from most outdoor shops.

Spare batteries for the torch.

Additional warm clothing, including hat and gloves.

High-energy rations such as Kendal Mint Cake and chocolate.

Water purification tablets.

First aid kit

If a real emergency occurs, the international distress signal is a group of six loud blasts of a whistle, to be repeated at one minute intervals.