The fairly obscure low budget 1971 film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped starred Michael Caine and Trevor Howard and many of the scenes were filmed on the Isle of Mull, particularly round the Calgary area. Calgary Bay is thought to be one of the most beautiful and most photographed beaches in Scotland.

When young David Balfour arrives at his uncle’s bleak Scottish house to claim his inheritance his relative first tries to murder him then has him shipped off to be sold as a slave in the colonies. Fortunately for the lad he strikes up a friendship with Alan Breck escaping from Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s defeat at Culloden. When the ship’s captain tries to kill Breck for his money the two manage to get to land and set out for Edinburgh dodging the ruthless Redcoats.

For those who did not enjoy the book (probably read in school days) give this movie a try. It has real depth and meaning and yes, it has deviated somewhat from the novel but this only adds to the film and turns it into a beautiful tragedy.  Both Michael Caine and Lawrence Douglas are fantastic actors – and of course, don’t forget the stunning scenery of the tidal island of Erraid on the Ross of Mull and Calgary Bay on the North-west coast.