Mull Magic Otter Detective Walk

Eurasian Otter

Mull otter


Image from Nature Scotland taken by Guy Broome

The Isle of Mull has a very healthy population of Otters yet they can be both elusive and frustrating.  Sightings can never be guaranteed, but the Mull Magic Otter Walk will take you into the territories of several of these enchanting animals.

Otters are mythical creatures to some and many people  have never seen an Otter. However, they have often seen their signs, i.e. their spraint or droppings. Here on Mull, the otter hunts during the day and he is more governed by the state of the tide, than whether it is morning or night. Otters are only occasionally seen in fresh water here, and it is just offshore near seaweed covered rocks where you will most likely see one.

Video courtesy of Mull Magic Wildlife