Treshnish Walk and Whisky Cave

The walk out to Treshnish Point can be a circular walk starting and finishing at the car park on the B8073 2.6 miles from Calgary beach.  Walking this route with dogs is restricted during the lambing season.  what3words app useful.

After parking the car, walk back down the hill to the turn left to Treshnish and Hounn and keep going until you reach the farm and cottages.  Walk around the farm to the left, following the signs.  After another 15 minutes you will get to the coast, passing the cottages on the left on the marked path to the right.  The film Eye of the Needle was partly filmed in the fields to the right.  Another point of interest is the Iron Age Fort on the promontory called Dun Haunn.

From here on, the scenery is quite spectacular, looking out to the Treshnish isles.  Some of the rock structures on the cliffs are quite rare, and, if you are a geologist, worth a closer look.  The next feature of note is the Whisky Cave.  The cave is deliberately difficult to find as it was an illegal and very productive Still.  The cave is on the shoreline and access is down a fairly steep small track. Care should be taken, particularly when wet.   Click on the link for a location map. When on the map go to Esri Satellite for a better look

From the Whisky Cave follow the paths at the top of the cliff again until it starts to turn in left.  This is the point where you start looking for the track back up the hill.  It is fairly well marked as it was the main cart and packhorse track to the shore line from the habitations at the top of the hill.   Location of track start
When you get to the top of the main cliff, it is a short walk to the ruins of Cragaig village.  A good place to stop and take a break.  A good place to see Golden Eagles.  Cragaig village location