Lochbuie Stone Circle

Access is from the Lochbuie road where Ben Buie comes into sight and the road opens out to cross a stone bridge. Park at the bridge and go through the field (very boggy at times – there are some white stepping stones) towards a wood on the right. Near here you will see a single standing stone. Go into the field through the gate and the Standing Stone Circle is at the end of the field.

The circle was originally nine granite stones, about 12 metres in diameter, with the tallest stone being about 2 metres high. It is mainly composed of granite slabs which have been positioned with their flatter faces towards the inside of the circle. One of the original stones has been removed and replaced in recent times with a low boulder.

There are 3 single stones in the field at differing distances from the circle. The nearest of these outlying stones is 5m away to the south-east, and is only 1m tall. The second outlier is a spectacular monolith 3m high and set about 40m away to the south-west. Also south-west of the circle, 107m away, is the third outlier, over 2 metres high. The stone is broken at the top and was probably taller when erected.

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