Calgary Bay

Calgary is located on the north west of Mull about 5 miles beyond Dervaig and 12 miles from the island’s capital Tobermory. It is framed by low hills, partly wooded and is the location of a shimmering white shell sand beach and craggy headlands – home to a rich variety of birdlife and the haunting ruins of stone forts and abandoned villages.

The name Calgary comes from the Gaelic, Cala Ghearraidh, meaning Beach of the Meadow.

Calgary – A brief history

The main settlement was once at Inivea, above Calgary Pier, which became uninhabited in the early 1800’s during the Highland Clearances. Unfortunately the unscrupulous laird thought he could earn more money by grazing sheep on the land. The settlement of today is scattered around the vicinity of the Calgary Farmhouse and Hotel.

Calgary in Canada takes its name from Calgary on Mull. This was a favourite summer home of Colonel James Macleod, of the Canadian North West Mounted Police. In 1876, after he returned from staying in Calgary Castle (the imposing house overlooking the bay), he suggested its name for Fort Calgary which in turn gave it’s name to the city of Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary Castle was built in 1817 by Captain Alan MacAskill who retired here. He built the gothic, gentrified and castellated front part on to the rear quarter which was an 18th century traditional Laird’s house built in the 1780.